Ask Yourself This...

Why would you travel to go to a campaign training seminar in DC?

You spend $400.00 on airfare.

You spend $400.00 on a hotel.

You spend $150.00 on meals and beverages.

You spend $75.00 on UBER or taxis.

PLUS, you spend $300.00 on registration for the campaign training course.

That’s right – people spend $1,325 to get the information that you get with the Campaign Training Masterclass.

Why do that when you can get the nation’s #1 Campaign Training Masterclass IN YOUR OWN HOME and AT YOUR OWN PACE?

And do it not for $1,325…

Not for $300…

But for a limited time — it’s only $75.00? 



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What People Say...

"We just want to say we absolutely loved your course. As people brand new to politics, we really wanted to make a difference but didn't know where to start. After taking this course, we felt like we knew more than a lot of the people involved for a long time. This should be required viewing! Great job."
Adam and Cindy L.
Toledo, OH.
"BRAVO! 5 STARS! As a former candidate, I realized everything I thought I knew was wrong. After taking your course, it all starts to make sense and I think I am ready to run again. Thank you for covering so much and not shying away from the tough topics. It really opened my eyes to take campaign process."
Michael R.
Hazel Park, MI.
"Honestly? I've been involved in politics for 25 years and was prepared to be bored to death by this course. Boy was I wrong! Randall clearly shows why many good candidates lose and why some awful candidates win. It has made me really change how I support candidates and especially who I am willing to help."
Jason K.
Ocala, FL.
"I'm a little embarrassed to say that after graduating with a Bachelors in political science, I think I learned more real world information in this course than I did the last two years. I am planning on working in politics professionally and I think I'm now prepared to help run a campaign. Thank you."
Caleb T.
Ann Arbor, MI
"This was FABULOUS! Oh my heavens what an amazing experience. I watched on TV for so long thinking, 'is this the best we can do?' You showed us that we CAN DO BETTER and HOW! I love this. I already have three friends running for School Board and two running for City Council. I'm going to help them all WIN! We can do this!"
Patty A.
Phoenix, AZ.
"The time flew by so fast. 7 hours! I binged it like Netflix and I think I've watched it three times since then. You make everything so understandable and easy. I don't think I ever want to run for office but I want to help - and now I know how to help a candidate win. I don't think most people think this way and it's too bad. But, I'm referring this class to everyone I know."
Kristin J.
Atlanta, GA.

What's included in this course?

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Tactics

The Best Online

Political Campaign
Training Masterclass

This SEVEN hour ONLINE seminar provides practical, time-conserving, money-saving,
vote-winning lessons, and tips, for both political new-comers and seasoned veterans, alike.

Why travel to an expensive training that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars
when you can learn how to win - in your own home and at your own pace.

Enroll in the best online Political Campaign Training Masterclass TODAY!

A 7 hour series of lectures that covers the entire campaign process so you can help change your city, county, state and/or country!

Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars traveling to campaign training in Washington DC or your home state
when you can learn AT-HOME and AT YOUR OWN PACE?

Remember – you can’t affect change if you don’t win. 

If you want to make a difference on your School Board, City Council, Township Board, County Commission or in state politicsyou have to win your election first.

“There is no second place in politics.”  

Why Choose Us?

Highly Experienced

Your instructor has over 25 years of experience in politics. He peels back the curtain on how campaigns SHOULD be run so you can win.

OnDemand at Your Pace

Whether you watch it all at once or spread over time or five times. This course allows you to become an expert compared to others.

Dedicated Support

This class is supported by
They are here to help you if you need assistance beyond the class.



Political Campaign Training Masterclass

7 Hours All levels
COURSE DESCRIPTION If you are a candidate, campaign manager, campaign staff, volunteer, issue advocate, or just a student of politics, this is an opportunity to...
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