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2024 is right around the corner. We need quality candidates, campaign staff and volunteers ready for local, state and federal offices. Now is the time to get TRAINED and learn how to WIN!

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"When you are sick - you go to a doctor. When your car is broke - you go to a mechanic. So, why do so many people come into politics and just think they can just do it?
They need to seek out a professional and get TRAINED!
We can help. That's why we're here."
Randall Thompson

About Your Instructor

With over 25 years of experience at the local, state and federal levels of politics - Randall has the experience to guide you through the course.

Randall Thompson

One of his students called him “the Dan Campbell of politics.”  Another said he’s a mix of Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney.  It’s true that Randall brings that fresh air of authenticity and uncensored straight talk when it comes to his presentations.  It’s also true that he loves his Detroit Lions and palm trees.  But, at the end of the day, Randall is a story teller.  He takes complex subjects and delivers them in a very conversational and fluid way that keeps you riveted while learning the best kept secrets to running for, working on and volunteering for successful campaigns.  He has presented this class in six different states and finished over 30 LIVE trainings for candidates, campaign staff and volunteers all over the country.

Randall Thompson is founder and managing partner of Your Campaign Coaches LLC.  For more than two decades, Randall has worked in the highest level of state and federal politics.

He has served as a Chief of Staff in both the Michigan House of Representatives and the United States Congress. Additionally, he has served as Spokesman and Communications Director for the Michigan Attorney General and Michigan Secretary of State. Randall also served as Communications Director and Spokesman for the fourth highest ranking member of the United States Congress.  Outside of public service, he served as the Midwest Director for a major Washington DC based issue advocacy organization covering Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania campaigning for lower taxes, less government and more freedom,

Randall’s company, Pulse Communications, offers a full array of consulting for state, federal and issue campaigns specializing in campaign message development, communication, social media and delivery.

He has appeared on CNN, FoxNews and Court TV and has been quoted in many major newspapers across America.

In 2004, he was awarded a Legislative Tribute from the Michigan House of Representatives for his years of commitment to public service.  Most recently, Randall was recognized for his work on helping to defeat Proposal 1 in Michigan – by the largest margin for a public initiative in Michigan’s history (80%-20%).

Randall also currently teaches an 8 hour campaign training school in which he walks class participants through what to do before they even think of running for office – all the way down on how to plan their victory night celebrations.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University and a Masters of Science in Economics from the University of Detroit-Mercy studying under professor Harry Veryser.

In his spare time, Randall loves playing golf, listening to the Goo Goo Dolls and Metallica and is a huge fan of Yellowstone and Game of Thrones. After being born and raised in Michigan, Randall and his wife Colleen, along with their daughter McKenna, recently moved to Florida and every fall he is a frequent visitor back to Michigan and Illinois to attend his son’s college football games.


Political Campaign Training Masterclass

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COURSE DESCRIPTION If you are a candidate, campaign manager, campaign staff, volunteer, issue advocate, or just a student of politics, this is an opportunity to...
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