If You Haven’t Evolved Your Direct Mail Strategy, You’re Behind

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Did you evolve your mail strategy last election cycle? Earlier this year, we hosted a listening session with dozens of political operatives, and nearly 80 percent of them admitted that they had evolved their mail strategy during the last election cycle.

For over a decade, I’ve been working with campaigns as a direct mail consultant at the United States Postal Service and what I saw on the ground last cycle reenforced what these campaign operatives shared with us. Campaigns evolved. And they are mailing earlier, more frequently, and smarter.

Here are five mail trends I saw during the last election cycle that you should adopt for your campaign today (if you haven’t already):

Trend: Mail earlier to establish credibility during the introduction phase of the campaign

What it means: Campaigns should mail early and often to establish credibility. Timing direct mail to arrive earlier during an election cycle gives campaigns the best opportunity to reach voters and potentially impact their decisions. When received at the right time, 48 percent of surveyed voters in our latest research stated that direct mail was the most memorable form of political advertising.*

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